How to Make a Motivational Mind Movie

As families inside our country and worldwide experience tumultuous times, I strongly feel that maintaining a positive attitude is among the top approaches to weather the storm. Regardless of one’s exterior circumstances, joy comes from within.

For me personally, it is important to celebrate whatever blessings I am fortunate enough to possess EVERY DAY SINGLE DAY, NOT JUST DURING THE HOLIDAYS.


I cherish sets from the lovable doggies that produce me laugh to the snuggly blanket that warms me through the cool nights nonton LK21 online , to the incredible career opportunities afforded me by internet video production.

In a spirit of sharing the holidays with you, I present my personal motivational mind movie. I produced, wrote, and edited this video based the philosophies I allow us over time to helps me maintain joy and inner peace. Even when the sky is falling! (Some days are much better than others.)

This video is any occasion gift for you, there is nothing promotional about it. Have a break, relax and let this video raise your spirits like it does mine! Then, see the step-by-step guide I created to help you make a motivational mind movie of one’s own. A connect to the video is in the bottom of the article.

To create this motivational movie, I first wrote the script, expressing myself with colorful words written in a concise, logical progression. I usually write at the very least 2 or 3 versions of a script until I am satisfied. My personal favorite writing motto is; “I am definitely not a great writer but I am a great re-writer.”

I then opened Final Cut Video Editing software and created a new project.

I recorded my voice track into that project with a hand held microphone plugged straight into my computer. I use a special cable that’s an XLR audio connection using one end and a USB connection on the other. I plug the XLR connection in to the microphone and the USB in to the Mac Pro computer by Apple. I am able to record the audio straight into my video editing software, Final Cut. I really do not need a separate audio program.

Once I had a voice recording that I liked, I selected some music that captured the tone I needed the video to convey. I used a cut of royalty free music from the Music, among my favorite places to purchase royalty free music.

Then I scoured iStock photo to locate some video that I felt visualized the emotions and words of the script. I downloaded the shots, renamed them something logical and put them into my Final Cut Project.

Then it absolutely was time to gather the video. Used to do the audio portion first.

In my timeline, I mixed the voice track with the music. Each audio track fills up its line in the timeline. I brought the degrees of the music up and down in order to not drown out the voice. I mixed it until I considered the audio done. To the video.

I desired to layer a variety of video elements on top of each other. First, I selected a lovely background out of Live Type, a program that comes bundled with Final Cut. The background I selected reminds me of an aesthetic rendition of the divine. It’s high energy and strong.

I then started placing my shots from istock on top of this background. Each video clip requires a separate video line in my time line. I place the shots so as, left to right in the timeline. I put them in a logical and visually appealing progression and match the language when appropriate. I try to match the tempo of the music.

I added keyframe animation in order to make the video shots move and grow. I also added drop shadows and some borders to the shots with both feathering and the border filter (bevel option.)

I mixed, fiddled and played. I can get somewhat fastidious when editing video!

After the obsessive-compulsive artiste in me felt content with how everything looked, moved and sounded, I exported my finished movie being an MPEG4 file format set to default specifications. I am able to get this done compression and conversion in my Final Cut software, I really do not need separate digital video conversion software. That’s one of the things I prefer about working together with a more sophisticated video editing software program. It performs every function you need.

I take advantage of MPEG4 for my final version because it provides a really small file, much smaller when compared to a Quick Time file. Quicktime looks much better, but MPEG is small and since this really is an internet video, small rules only at that stage of the game. The video files I downloaded off istock were in quicktime format but which was for the editing stage. That is now to upload stage.

I upload the MPEG 4 video file to You Tube and other video sharing sites. I then use the embed code to show the video on my blog, video production tips dot com.

I am hoping you enjoy watching this special video and learning about how I made it. Why don’t you make one on your own in the same way? Watch it every day and give friends. They’ll appreciate the boost and you’ll too!