Social Media for Previous People

From the being 16 um, I mean 21 likely to reveals in DC and smirking at the “previous” people lurking like they’d any business holding with a number of teenagers. How pathetic, my buddies and I would say-don’t they understand they’re OLD and do not belong here? It really seemed therefore depressing that they’d no living other than trying to blend in with a number of children half their age how to enable reddit dark mode.

Okay, therefore yes, I’ve since been that pathetic developed at a club seeking to do something like I belonged there…but I digress.

Today it appears as though the world-including the company world-is being light emitting diode by the “young set” (30 and under), placing “previous” people like me (older than 30…to put it mildly) in an unusual place. You don’t desire to be the wannabe “great” parent who’s “down” with the occasions and all that, in this very day and age, it seems that maybe not doing only that could finally cripple your career.

Like, I was writing a information product at the job this morning and connecting to a tale on a well-known website. There, under the name was the now-requisite row of celebrities: small leaf, “f” in an orange package, small cartoon baby face, small lime square-you know, the ones that appear somewhere on more and more webpages of kinds. Several of those things I already know-the lime square means RSS (although the audience portion continues to be only a little sketchy to me), the “f” stands for Facebook, and I know the phrases Digg and technorati even when I can’t explain to you exactly what they mean. In reality, I use them in my own blog and STILL can’t actually tell you what they mean.

Newsvine,, Reddit, Flock, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Skype…the number appears to grow every day. List, that is, of applications/technologies/whatever you wish to contact them which are 2nd nature to children and 20-somethings yet are secrets to nearly anyone who isn’t hip to that specific lingo, therefore to speak. These exact things are not only fads like Tamagotchi or anything; they’re used more and more in the marketing and business worlds. In reality, if you contribute to the theory that social marketing is the wave of the future which will break conventional marketing as we know it, you understand that should you do not start studying this stuff and quickly, you stay a good possibility of learning to be a dinosaur in the task world.